Kumar Lab


We are interested in having motivated, energetic, and mature individuals join our team!

For research opportunities in the Kumar Lab, contact Sathish Kumar.

Undergraduates: We provide mentorship for Bio152 student researchers, undergraduate research scholars, and other students who are interested in long term research projects during their undergraduate careers.

Graduate Students: Trainees can matriculate through the Cellular and Molecular PathologyComparative Biomedical Sciences, Molecular and Environmental Toxicology and Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology graduate programs.

Post-doctoral Trainees: We support trainees through different Research Career Development Programs at Wisconsin and other funding mechanisms.

DVM, MD, and other professional students: We support trainees through the summer research scholars program, the dual DVM/Ph.D program, the NIH institutional training grant for veterinarians, and other funding mechanisms.  Please contact Sathish Kumar for more information.