Veterinary Ocular Pathology Atlas

We launched the Veterinary Ocular Pathology Atlas (VOPA) in March 2023.


The VOPA is a FREE online histopathology atlas with dozens of veterinary ocular pathology cases from the COPLOW lab containing clinical information, gross images, and fully annotated scanned (APERIO) slides.

The VOPA project was spearheaded by Dr. Ryan Taylor (former COPLOW pathologist, now anatomic pathology faculty at Cornell University) and through a partnership between COPLOW and VetDermPath Atlas and its founders Drs. David Gardiner (DACVP), Derick Whitley (DACVP) and Joseph Bernstein (DACVD).

An introduction and orientation to the atlas can be found in this video:


Our hope is that the VOPA will be an ever-expanding resource of study material for those interested in ocular pathology, from vet students to board certified pathologists and ophthalmologists.
You can visit the page through this link