Service Price
Tissue (non-globe) $100 for up to 3 locations. For additional locations, we will add $10 / location
Small animal globe (dog, cat, small exotic) $120
Large animal globe (horse, cow, small ruminant, etc) $130
Second globe (same animal) $20

Can be submitted at a different time as the first globe, but must include the previous COPLOW case # (RD#) to qualify

Second opinion $50 if an H+E stained slide is submitted, $55 if unstained slide is submitted, $70 if paraffin block is submitted. Will be adjusted if two or more different unstained slides or paraffin blocks are submitted.
Copies of slides for your own collection $15 / regular sized slide, $20 / large slide

If tumor margins are evaluated, we will choose a single representative slide to send a copy of.