Teaching Slide Set

The Wisconsin Ocular Pathology Teaching Set is a set of 100 microscope slides illustrating morphologic features of important diseases of the eye focusing on dogs and cats.

This extensive teaching set is formatted to allow the slides to be used as unknown cases with a signalment and a history. It also provides a description of lesions and a section that expands on what is written in Gelatt’s standard textbook Veterinary Ophthalmology. A variety of questions will be generated by issues illustrated in the microscope slides. WOPTS Sponsors include: Schering Plough and The Alcon Foundation.

WOPTS is now available online. Thanks to The Joint Pathology Center for hosting the digital slides and C.L. Davis Foundation for help in the past and Eye Care for Animals for a generous donation to make it possible.

Download the teaching text as a pdf file and view the slides as Aperio images on the internet. No special software needed. The slides are scanned up to 20x and the navigation is intuitive. HAVE FUN

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