Kenneth Nordlund, DVM

Department of Medical Sciences

Kenneth Nordlund, DVM

Titles and Education

  1. Clinical Professor
  2. DVM, 1977
    University of Minnesota
  3. Diplomate
    American College of Veterinary Practice - Dairy Specialty


Dr. Nordlund in interested in research on the development of positive-pressure plenum precision ventilation system to mitigate heat stress in dairy cows.

Recent Publications

  1. K.V. Nordlund, P. Strassburg, T.B. Bennett, G.R. Oetzel, N.B. Cook. 2019. Thermodynamics of standing and lying behavior in lactating dairy cows in freestall and parlor holding pens during conditions of heat stress. Journal of Dairy Science,
  2. U. S. Patent US 7886691 B2,  Date: Feb. 15, 2011.  Nordlund, K. V., Bennett, T. B., Oetzel, G.R, Clayton, M.K., Cook, N. B. Method for Optimizing Health and Productivity of Milk Producing Animals.
  3. Lago, A., McGuirk, S.M., Bennett, T.B., Cook, N.B., and K. V. Nordlund. Calf respiratory disease and pen microenvironments in naturally ventilated calf barns in winter.  J Dairy Sci 89: 4014-4025.
  4. Fetrow, J.F, Nordlund, K.V., D. H. Norman.  2006. Culling: Nomenclature, Definitions, and Recommendations.  J. Dairy Sci. 89:1896-1905.
  5. Cook, N.B., Nordlund, K.V., Bennett, T.B. 2004. The Effect of Freestall Base Surface on Cow Daily Activity Patterns with Relevance to Differences in Lameness Prevalence. J Dairy Sci. 87:2912-2922.
  6. Nordlund, K.V. N. B Cook, and G.R. Oetzel. 2004. Investigation Strategies for Laminitis Problem Herds. Journal of Dairy Science 87: (E Suppl.):E27-E35.