From left to right, outreach specialist Courtney Halbach, Professor Nigel Cook, and owner Mark Keller at Kellercrest Holsteins in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. This summer, The Dairyland Initiative helped the farm evaluate their needs for transitioning from a naturally ventilated barn to a mechanically ventilated barn.

Successful Dairying Built on Cows’ Well-Being

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, The Dairyland Initiative hasn’t missed a beat. They hosted their first virtual workshops, offered virtual farm consultations, created guidelines to combat the spread of COVID-19, and incorporated …

Tom Friedrich, professor in the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, explains a consent form and the process of volunteers spitting in a small vial as part of a trial of a new COVID-19 saliva test

COVID Questions: Different Tests

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Note: UW-Madison will be publishing answers to questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic each week in a COVID questions column. If you have a question, please email it to This post was originally published here. …


Mass Freshwater Mussel Die-offs Linked to New Virus

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Until now, no one has been able to pin down why the world’s wild, freshwater mussels—often unnoticed and underappreciated engineers of stream and river health—are facing massive, unexpected die-offs. In a paper published today (September 2, 2020) …