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Signaling Requirements for the Generation of CD8 T Cell Memory
The immune system has a remarkable ability to remember its previous encounters with a specific pathogen. Upon re-exposure to a pathogen, the immune system reacts at an accelerated rate and controls the invading pathogen expeditiously. The ability of the immune system to remember prior encounters is termed “Immunological Memory”, which is due to induction of memory T and B cells. Although induction of T and B cell memory is the basis of vaccination, the molecular mechanisms that govern the quantity, quality, and duration of memory-dependent protective immunity are not well understood.


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About Dr. Suresh

      Professor of Immunology

DVM, Veterinary College, Univ. Agri. Sci. Bangalore, India MVSc., Veterinary College, Univ. Agri. Sci. Bangalore, India Ph.D, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Postdoctoral Fellowship, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA.