Summer Scholars Present Research Virtually at 2021 National Veterinary Symposium

Chemical equations and notations are written on a fume hood's glass surface

The UW School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) was well represented at the 2021 Virtual National Veterinary Scholars Symposium and DVM/PhD Student Colloquium in August, held online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and hosted by Iowa State University. Twenty-two doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) Summer Scholar students and two DVM/PhD students from UW participated in the symposium and presented their work.

The annual scientific symposium showcases research accomplishments by veterinary students completing summer research internships. The event highlights the ways veterinary scientists advance basic and applied research to support global health and enables participants to gain insights into careers in biomedical research. In addition, the National Colloquium for Combined DVM/PhD Biomedical Scientists provides a forum for the exchange of best practices for training veterinary scientists and the presentation of scientific findings.

Trainees had multiple opportunities to attend discussions of career options, and presentations were made by veterinarians who have successfully incorporated research with their DVM degree to pursue fulfilling careers in public health, regulatory medicine, industry, research and academia.

Over 600 trainees from veterinary schools in North America and Europe presented their work, providing an overview of the breadth of research pursued by veterinary students. The meetings were supported by Boehringer Ingelheim, the National Institutes of Health and individual veterinary schools.

The SVM Summer Scholars Program provides an opportunity for current veterinary medicine students to work with mentors on a wide variety of research projects. In addition to providing research training experience, the program typically offers weekly seminars and discussion groups on topics such as ethics in science, career opportunities, writing grant proposals and articles for publication in scientific journals, and how to give oral and poster presentations.

2021 marks the 29th year of the Summer Scholars program. The following students participated in the Summer Scholar research program:

  • Tessa Arendt
  • Dustin Banooni
  • Kiley Brauer
  • Ariela Burk*
  • Jacqueline Chi
  • Serena George
  • Emily Hamilton
  • Meghan Hoel
  • Alexandria Hoerth
  • Derek Jantzen
  • Maya Jonas
  • Emma Kobitter
  • Ashley Kuehnl
  • Molly Kuhn
  • Nicholas Marino
  • Hannah Martin*
  • Nickolas Massaro
  • Savannah Pees
  • Macy Peterson
  • Maxwell Schermacher
  • Benjamin Walter
  • Hannah Wildermuth

(*DVM/PhD students)

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