William Gengler


Department of Surgical Sciences
Office: Emeritus

William Gengler

Titles and Education

  1. Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College
  2. President-elect of the American Veterinary Dental College
  3. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri - Columbia. May 1972
  4. Master of Science, Department of Animal Science, University of Missouri - Columbia. June 1967
  5. Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin - Platteville. Jan. 1966


Tooth resorption.
Fracture reconstruction.


Emeritus Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs - Teaching Hospital Director

Emeritus Section Head of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery service

Emeritus Dentistry and Oral Surgery Resident Program Director

Emeritus lecturer for the third year student Professional Skills in Veterinary Medicine course and the Dentistry and Oral Surgery elective course

Clinical Interests

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Practice Management

Graduate Training

Master of Science - University of Missouri

Recent Publications

  1. "Multiple Sarcomas of Dental Follicular Monocytes in a Five Month Old Dog." R.R. Dubielzig, W.R. Gengler and S.C. Marks Jr. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Invest. 1994
  2. "Physical Examination and Radiographic Analysis To Detect Dental and Mandibular Bone Resorption: A Study of 81 Cases from Necropsy. W.R. Gengler, R.R. Dubielzig and J. Ramer. Journal of Veterinary Dentistry. 1995
  3. "Interdental acrylic stabilization of canine tooth root and mandibular fractures in a dog." P. Muir and W.R. Gengler. Vet Rec 145(2);52, 1999
  4. "Gagging" W. Gengler. Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Sixth edition, chapter 36, 126-128, 2005
  5. "Masel Chain Appliance for Orthodontic Treatment" W. Gengler. Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, 21(4),258, 2005
  6. "Oral health: A multipronged approach." W. Gengler, DVM Best Practices/DVM Magazine. January 2005