Theresa Ollivett, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (LAIM)

Department of Medical Sciences
Office: 2004

Theresa Ollivett, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (LAIM)


As an associate professor in the Food Animal Production Medicine section at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UW-Madison, Dr. Ollivett's research and outreach efforts continue to advance the academic, veterinary, and professional dairy industry’s awareness and understanding of lung ultrasound as a means of diagnosing and monitoring young calf health and measuring the varied impacts of interventions on dairy farms.


Dr. Ollivett's responsibilities at the SVM are split between her veterinary student teaching, research, outreach, and services roles. She is the course co-coordinator for the fourth-year production medicine rotations (Dairy Skills 1, 2, and 3), and course coordinator for two first and second-year courses (World Dairy Expo Biosecurity and Check-in course and the Large Animal Supportive Care course). Dr. Ollivett also co-teaches in the first-year Health, History, and Physical Examination laboratory course and provides lectures for the second-year Active Integrated Learning and Toxicology courses and the third-year Food Animal Medicine course. Besides teaching, she is actively involved in practical field-based research in dairy calf health management and disseminating the knowledge she generates from her research through continuing education events and publications for dairy veterinarians, farmers, and allied industry members. Dr. Ollivett fulfills her SVM service commitment as a member of the Admissions Committee.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Ollivett’s clinical interests include troubleshooting poor health and performance in young dairy cattle.

Recent Publications

  1. Raabis, S. M., Quick, A. E., Skarlupka, J. H., 5th, Suen, G., & Ollivett, T. L. (2021). The nasopharyngeal microbiota of pre-weaned dairy calves with and without ultrasonographic lung lesions. Journal of dairy science104(3), 3386–3402.
  2. Binversie, E. S., Ruegg, P. L., Combs, D. K., & Ollivett, T. L. (2020). A randomized clinical trial to assess the effect of antibiotic therapy on health and growth of pre-weaned dairy calves diagnosed with respiratory disease using respiratory scoring and lung ultrasound. Journal of dairy science103(12), 11723–11735.