Susan Schaefer, MS, DVM, DACVS, ACVS Founding Fellow - Minimally Invasive Surgery

Department of Surgical Sciences
Office: 4152

Susan Schaefer, MS, DVM, DACVS, ACVS Founding Fellow - Minimally Invasive Surgery

Titles and Education

  1. Clinical Associate Professor - Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Wisconsin, 2009 - Present
  2. Clinical Assistant Professor - Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Wisconsin, 2003-2009
  3. Staff Surgeon, Central Texas Veterinary Specilaty Hospital, 1999-2003
  4. Clinical Instructor - Small Animal Surgery, Washington State University, 1998-1999
  5. Clinical Instructor - Small Animal Surgery, Kansas State University,  1997-1998
  6. Diplomate, American Collage of Veterinary Surgeons, 1999
  7. Residency, Small Animal Surgery, Michigan State University, 1994-1997
  8. Internship, Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, The Ohio State University, 1992-1993
  9. DVM, 1992, University of Wisconsin
  10. MS, 1988, University of Wisconsin


Dr. Schaefer’s principle research interests are in the application of advanced diagnostic imaging techniques (MRI, CT, Ultrasound) in small animal orthopaedics. She had developed an MRI atlas of the canine shoulder joint and has published on both normal and abnormal findings in the canine shoulder as seen with MRI. Dr. Schaefer also has an interest in the use of synthetic bone forming stimulants (Bone Morphogenic Protein) in complicated fracture cases.


Dr. Schaefer is the course coordinator for the “Fundamentals of Surgery” course in the second year of the veterinary school curriculum and is an instructor and laboratory coordinator for the “Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery” course in the third year. In addition, Dr. Schaefer actively contributes to the communications skills teaching program in all four years of the curriculum.  In the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Dr. Schaefer plays a primary role in the instruction of 4th year veterinary students, interns and residents.

Clinical Interests

Small animal orthopaedic surgery - particularly arthroscopy, traumatic sporting injuries and fracture repair.

Recent Publications

  1. Schaefer SL, Baumel CA, Gerbig JR, Forrest, LJ.  Direct Magnetic Resonance Arthrography of the Canine Shoulder Joint: Evaluation of Techniques. Vet. Rad. and Ultrasound, 51:391-396, 2010
  2. Schaefer SL, Lu Y, Seeherman H, Jian Li X, Markel, MD. The Effect of rhBMP-2 on Tibial Plateau Fractures in a Canine Model.  J. of Orthop. Res. 27:466-471, 2009
  3. Murphy SE,  Ballegeer EA, Forrest JL, Schaefer SL. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Dogs with Confirmed Shoulder Pathology: 21 cases. Vet. Surg. 37:631-638, 2008
  4. Milovancev M, Muir P, Manley PA, Seeherman HJ, Schaefer SL.  Clinical Application of Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in Four Dogs.  Vet. Surg. 36: 132-40, 2007
  5. Schaefer SL, Forrest, LJ.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Canine Shoulder: An Anatomical Study. Vet. Surg. 35:721-728, 2006