Ronald Schultz

Department of Pathobiological Sciences
Office: 4476

Ronald Schultz

Titles and Education

  1. Professor and Former Chair
  2. BS 1966, Pennsylvania State University
  3. MS 1967, Pennsylvania State University
  4. PhD 1970, Pennsylvania State University
  5. Honorary Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Microbiology


Immunopathogenesis of viral diseases; developmental aspects of immunity; effects of environmental factors on immune systems; vaccinology. Research projects in this laboratory are numerous and varied. Primary emphasis is on the pathogenesis of viral infections, notably Bovine Leukosis Virus, Bovine Virus Diarrhea Virus and Canine Parvovirus. Studies are ongoing on development and/or testing of various adjuvants and vaccines for numerous bacterial and viral diseases of domesticated species. The role of various environmental factors on the immune system is being determined in an effort to explain the mechanism that nutrients, hormones and environmental toxicants have on susceptibility to infectious disease.


Immunology; virology; pathogenesis of infectious disease.

Clinical Interests

Clinical immunology and microbiology.

Recent Publications

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