Kenneth Nordlund

Department of Medical Sciences
Office: 2056

Kenneth Nordlund

Titles and Education

  1. DVM 1977, University of Minnesota
  2. Clinical Professor
  3. Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Practice - Dairy Specialty


Using dairy records to identify health problems and monitor performance of herds

     The primary example is our patented Transition Cow Index which is offered to dairy farms through AgSource in Wisconsin, Valacta in Eastern Canada, and TCI-D through Zoetis in the United States.

Interactions of dairy housing systems and health

     Studies on associations between freestall design and base and dairy cow lameness
     Studies of transition cow housing (available feeding space, stall base and size, and stable social groups) and fresh cow disease
     Development of positive pressure ventilation tube systems to improve air quality and reduce respiratory disease in calf barns


Lecturing in the Food Animal Medicine course, coordination of the "Basic Skills in Dairy Production Medicine" clinical rotation, and clinical investigations of herd-level problems in support of the production medicine program

Clinical Interests

Herd-level problems of dairy cows and calves including lameness, fresh cow metabolic disease, and calf respiratory disease

Dairy cattle housing problems associated with ventilation, freestalls, and transition cows

Prospective planning for new or remodeling dairy cow housing

Design of positive pressure tube ventilation systems to improve respiratory health in calf barns and reduce heat stress of dairy cows in holding areas

Recent Publications

  1. U. S. Patent US 7886691 B2,  Date: Feb. 15, 2011.  Nordlund, K. V., Bennett, T. B., Oetzel, G.R, Clayton, M.K., Cook, N. B. Method for Optimizing Health and Productivity of Milk Producing Animals.
  2. Lago, A., McGuirk, S.M., Bennett, T.B., Cook, N.B., and K. V. Nordlund. Calf respiratory disease and pen microenvironments in naturally ventilated calf barns in winter.  J Dairy Sci 89: 4014-4025.
  3. Fetrow, J.F, Nordlund, K.V., D. H. Norman.  2006. Culling: Nomenclature, Definitions, and Recommendations.  J. Dairy Sci. 89:1896-1905.
  4. Cook, N.B., Nordlund, K.V., Bennett, T.B. 2004. The Effect of Freestall Base Surface on Cow Daily Activity Patterns with Relevance to Differences in Lameness Prevalence. J Dairy Sci. 87:2912-2922.
  5. Nordlund, K.V. N. B Cook, and G.R. Oetzel. 2004. Investigation Strategies for Laminitis Problem Herds. Journal of Dairy Science 87: (E Suppl.):E27-E35.