Lyric Bartholomay

Department of Pathobiological Sciences
Office: 305

Lyric Bartholomay

Titles and Education

  1. BS, Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management, Colorado State University (1998)
  2. PhD, Comparative Biomedical Sciences and Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2004)
  3. Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, Iowa State University (2005-2011)
  4. Associate Professor, Department of Entomology, Iowa State University (2011-2014)
  5. Associate Professor, Department of Pathobiogical Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014-2019)
  6. Professor, Department of Pathobiological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2019-current)


My research spans public health entomology and basic vector biology.  Our lab is tracking and testing interventions for endemic and emerging vector-borne diseases in existing and invasive species of mosquitoes and ticks.  We also explore the physiology of host-pathogen interactions in mosquito hosts to develop novel interventions for mosquito-borne disease control.


Director, Midwest Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease

Teaching: Parasitology 350 (MMI/PBS/ZOO/ENT 350) Spring Semesters

Graduate Training

PhD, 2004, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Departments of Comparative Biomedical Sciences and Entomology

Recent Publications

  1. A complete list of Dr. Bartholomay’s published works is available in MyBibliography: