Kim Lord Plummer

Department of Comparative Biosciences
Office: 3486

Kim Lord Plummer

Titles and Education

  1. B.Sc. 1983, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  2. M.S. 1985, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  3. Ph.D. 1992, University of Wisconsin, Neurosciences Training Program


Senior Lecturer

  • Fundamental Principles of Veterinary Anatomy
  • Surgical Anatomy - review session for 3rd year surgeries
  • Veterinary Neuroanatomy-Neurophysiology 934:505
  • Anatomy of the Large Domestic Animals, 934:550

In Fall semester I teach Small Animal Anatomy. I really enjoy getting to know the new, incoming students each year and helping them to transition through their first semester of Veterinary school.  It is always great fun to learn about the rich and diverse experiences that each of the new students brings to the school.

In Spring semester, I teach the Large Animal Anatomy and the Neuroanatomy&Neurophysiology courses, and I serve as course coordinator for both of these courses, as well.  My graduate training is in the field of Neuroscience and so I aim to inform students about current research in this field, in additon to providing a foundation for their future clinical work.  I have a particular interest in the comparative anatomy of locomotion.

Outside of teaching, I serve as faculty advisor for the student-run outreach club called VMOO - Veterinary Medical Outreach Organization.  Each summer I coordinate an outreach program here at the Veterinary School that is part of larger campus program known as Grandparents University.  Both provide great opportunities to share what we do here with the community.