Jonathan McAnulty, DVM, MS, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Surgical Sciences

Department of Surgical Sciences
Office: 2023

Jonathan McAnulty, DVM, MS, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Surgical Sciences

Titles and Education

  1. Current - Professor of Surgery, University of Wisconsin
  2. Chair, Department of Surgical Sciences
  3. DVM 1981, University of Georgia
  4. Internship 1982, Purdue University
  5. Surgical Residency 1985, University of Pennsylvania
  6. MS 1989, University of Wisconsin
  7. PhD 1994, University of Wisconsin


Research in Dr. McAnulty's laboratory is currently focused on studies on engineering the molecular basis of wound surfaces for augmentation of healing and suppression or dissolution of bacterial biofilms from the wound surface. This work is focused on methods for attachment of various active molecules to the wound surface to alter the wound surface characteristics and properties at the nanoscale level. These studies involve a multilaboratory and multiinstitutional collaborative group and are funded by the National Institutes of Health. Other research involves studies on mechanisms of cellular injury during hypothermia and ischemia. These studies relate to both low temperature cardiopulmonary bypass methods and to organ preservation for transplantation. The thrust of this work is to reduce injury to organs stored for transplantation in order to reduce the incidence of delayed function and chronic allograft nephropathy as well as to increase the donor organ supply for human transplantation and to advance the field of veterinary transplantation.


     Chair, Dept. of Surgical Sciences
     Small animal general surgery: lectures, labs
     Clinical instruction in soft tissue surgery
     Nanoscale engineering of wound surfaces to promote healing
     Clinically related projects
     Organ preservation for transplantation
     Research mentoring of residents and graduate students

Clinical Interests

Basic biology of wound healing and development of novel methods for stimulating non-healing wounds, plastic  and reconstructive surgery, treatment of chylothorax and organ transplantation.

Graduate Training

Mentoring of residents in our small animal clinical surgical training program
Mentoring of graduate students in laboratory research

Recent Publications

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