Helena Rylander, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)


Department of Medical Sciences
Office: 3158

Helena Rylander, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

Titles and Education

  1. Swedish Veterinary degree at the University of Agricultural
    Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, 1990

  2. Private practitioner in referral practices in Sweden, 1990-2000

  3. Residency in neurology/neurosurgery, Davis, CA, 2000-2003

  4. Diplomate ACVIM (neurology), 2003

  5. American DVM (ECFVG), 2007

  6. 2014 Certificate in Neurosurgery


Dr. Rylander is interested in clinical research in neurologic patients specifically patients with brain, spinal cord, and neuromuscular problems. She is also interested in electro diagnostics in neuromuscular disease.


Dr. Rylander's responsibilities include but are not limited to: teaching clinical neurology in classes as well as in the clinic and teaching communication & critical care of neurologic patients.

Clinical Interests

Clinical interest include spinal surgery, electrophysiology, and diagnostic imaging.

Recent Publications

  1. Rylander H. The neurologic examination. Today’s veterinary practice.Jan/Feb 2013.
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