Gillian Shaw,


Department of Pathobiological Sciences
Office: 3484

Gillian Shaw, <p>DVM, PhD, DACVP</p>

Titles and Education

  1. 2017-present, Clinical Instructor in the Pathobiological Sciences Department
  2. 2015-present, Pathologist in the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin (COPLOW)
  3. 2015 Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists
  4. 2015 PhD, Johns Hopkins University
  5. 2014-2015 Ocular pathology fellowship in the  Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin (COPLOW)
  6. 2007-2014 Combined residency in Comparative Pathology and PhD program at the Johns Hopkins University
  7. 2007 DVM, Michigan State University
  8. 2007 MS, Michigan State University
  9. 2001 BA, Kalamazoo College


Primary responsibility is diagnosing ocular disease in surgical specimens from domestic and exotic species that are submitted to the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin (COPLOW) at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Other responsibilities include training the anatomic pathology residents in descriptive microscopic pathology and diagnosis and interpretation of gross lesions.

Clinical Interests

My primary interest is ocular pathology of domestic and exotic species.

Recent Publications

    1. Leonard BC, Stewart KA, Shaw GC, Hoehn AL, Stanley AA, Murphy CJ, Thomasy SM. Comprehensive Clinical, Diagnostic, and Advanced Imaging Characterization of the Ocular Surface in Spontaneous Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye Disease in Dogs. Cornea. 2019 Dec;38(12):1568-1575.
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