Diego De Gasperi, DVM, MS, DACVS, Clinical Instructor


Department of Surgical Sciences
Office: 3120

Diego De Gasperi, DVM, MS, DACVS, Clinical Instructor

Titles and Education

  1. Clinical Instructor - Large Animal Surgery
  2. Board Certification, American College of Veterinary Surgeons - 2018
  3. Residency in Large Animal Surgery - University of Wisconsin-Madison - 2016
  4. Intership in Equine Surgery - Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Lexinton-KY - 2013
  5. MS - Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil) - 2010
  6. DVM - Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil) - 2008


Dr. De Gasperi is currently investigating a novel minimally invasive procedure for tendon and ligament surgery in horses.


Dr. De Gasperi's responsibilities include clinical service (equine and farm animal surgery) within the veterinary teaching hospital, training of surgical residents/interns, clinical teaching of fourth year veterinary students, didactic lectures on large animal surgery for third year veterinary students, and continuing education for practicing veterinarians. Currently, Dr. De Gasperi serves as advisor for the UW Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners. 

Clinical Interests

Dr. De Gasperi's is interested in all aspects of equine and farm animal surgery. Special clinical interests include minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy & laparoscopy) and surgical conditions of the digestive and urogenital systems.

Recent Publications

  1. Silva DRP, Silva GB, De La Corte FD, Brass KE, Pozzobon R, Dau SL, De Gasperi D, Freitas GC. Anesthetic recovery assisted by rope at three points in horses. Ciencia Rural, 2018; 48:11. Epub Nov 14, 2018. ISSN 0103-8478.
  2. De Gasperi D, Dzierzak SL, Muir P, Vanderby R Jr, Brounts SH. In vivo evaluation of effects of sedation on results of acoustoelastography of the superficial digital flexor tendons in clinically normal horses. Am J Vet Res, 2017; 78:1421-1425.
  3. Abreu HC, De La Corte FD, Brass KE, Pompermayer E, Luz TR, De Gasperi D. Lameness in athletic Criollo horses. Ciência Rural, 2011; 41(12), 2114-2119.
  4. De Gasperi D, De La Corte FD, Brass KE, Portela LOC, Silveira EA, Silva DRP, Pereira RCF. Serum cortisol, glycemic response and insulin secretion in healthy horses exposed to normobaric hypoxia sessions. Ciência Rural, 2011; 41(3), 463-469.
  5. Da Silva AS, Garcia Perez HA, Costa MM, França RT, De Gasperi D, Zanette RA, Amado JA, Lopes ST, Teixeira MM, Monteiro SG. Horses naturally infected by Trypanosoma vivax in southern Brazil. Parasitol Res, 2011; 108(1):23-30