Alexis Powers

Department of Medical Sciences
Office: 2009

Alexis Powers

Titles and Education

  1. DVM, 2017
    University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI


Currently, Dr. Powers’ research is centered around evaluating spray-dried plasma protein supplementation and its utility in prevention of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases in pre-weaned dairy calves.


Dr. Powers' currently provides after-hours emergency care at UW-SVM. This involves emergency triage, ultrasound, and intensive care of all large animal species. When not on call she also teaches 1st-4th year veterinary medical students. This includes hands on teaching of physical examinations, lecturing on equine topics, and utilizing admitted cases to further train 4th year veterinary students prior to graduation.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Powers is especially interested in emergency and critical care. She enjoys the challenge of triaging and treating hemodynamically compromised animals. When not on emergency duty, she likes performing respiratory evaluations on horses with Equine Asthma.

Graduate Training

  • Large Animal Rotating Internship at Purdue University - 2018
  • Residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine at UW-SVM - 2021.

Recent Publications

  1. Pelzek, C., Kellihan, H. B., Sheehan, N., Powers, A., & Peek, S. F. (2021). Aortopulmonary window, left coronary artery aneurysm, and redundant aortic valve leaflet in a calf: the use of multimodal imaging to diagnose congenital heart disease. Journal of veterinary cardiology : the official journal of the European Society of Veterinary Cardiology34, 48–54.