Parasitology & Vector Biology Training Program*
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Participating graduate programs associated with the NIH-supported Parasitology and Vector Biology (PVB) Training Grant announce the availability of predoctoral fellowships in the areas of parasitology, virology and host vectors. The PVB training program offers a variety of courses and seminars in advanced parasitology, arvbovirology and vector biology, as well as exciting opportunities for research training exploring the molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry, neurobiology, and physiology of parasitic/viral diseases and their mechanisms of transmission. Additional opportunities are available through participation in the UW Global Health seminar program and field research in tropical diseases associated with selected trainer programs.

* formerly the Cellular & Molecular Parasitology Training Program
















Lyric Bartholomay Immunobiology of arthropod vectors and arthropod-pathogen interactions; vector control

Kristen A. Bernard Viral pathogenesis, mosquito-borne viruses & transmission; zoonotic diseases and public health

Thomas C. Friedrich Innate and adaptive immune responses to viral infections and the mechanisms viruses have evolved to subvert them

Tony L. Goldberg Ecology & evolution of infectious diseases with an emphasis on zoonosis & emerging pathogens, including molecular identification & epidemiology of parasitic disease

Jennifer Golden Synthetic medicinal chemistry; anti-parasitic drug design and discovery

Laura Knoll, Program Director, Molecular genetics of developmental regulation and virulence in the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii

Mark J. Mandel Understanding the molecular basis by which animals and their natural microbiota form specific, reproducible interactions

Andrew MehleVirus-host interactions involved in controlling activity of the viral replication machinery; host-vector interactions in bunya viruses

Phil Newmark Germ cell development and regeneration in planarians; developmental biology of schistosome blood flukes

 David H. O’Connor Interactions between host genetics, cellular immunity, and infectious disease pathogenesis, with emphases on HIV/AIDS and Zika virus

Jorge Osorio Virology; Dengue virus- host interactions and transmission; vaccine development

Susan M. Paskewitz Biology and eco- epidemiology of tick- and mosquito/pathogen interactions; integrated vector control; public health and medical entomology

Robert T. Striker Flavivirus-mosquito interactions; role of CD4/CD8 ratio in healthy immune system in response to parasitic infections

Timothy P. Yoshino  Emeritus Director, Immunobiology of larval schistosomes-snail host interactions

Mostafa Zamanian Drug targets and drug resistance mechanisms in vector-borne parasitic nematodes; host-parasite interactions; parasite genomics


For further information contact:

Laura Knoll, Director, Parasitology and Vector Biology Training Program
University of Wisconsin-Madison
3303 Microbial Sciences Building
Madison, WI 53706

Applicants must be a US citizen or permanent resident, and applications from women and minorities are especially welcome.