New Interns and Residents Join UW Veterinary Care, School of Veterinary Medicine

Young women with brown, Elizabeth Wood, hair is a 2017 SVM intern.

Each year, the UW School of Veterinary Medicine and UW Veterinary Care welcome a new group of interns and residents — graduate veterinarians who come here to learn from our exceptional specialists while providing top-notch clinical care and services. They are the best and brightest and bring tremendous value to the animals they treat.

Interns are veterinarians who are dedicating a year of their careers to additional training. Rotating interns work with multiple specialty services but spend most of their time in emergency and critical care, and specialty interns focus on one particular area or service. Residents are veterinarians who are training to become specialists, typically dedicating two to three years to a particular specialty area in veterinary medicine.

Here’s a look at this year’s new names and faces.

Specialty Interns and Fellows

Juliet Caviness DVM’17
Primary Care

Andrew Eitzer, DVM
Diagnostic Imaging

Changseok Kim, DVM
Oncology Clinical Trials

Michelle Piccione, DVM

Kelly Shaw, DVM
Large Animal Surgery

Olivia Swailes, DVM
Shelter Medicine

Sara Tolliver, DVM
Diagnostic Imaging

Deb Yannessa, DVM
Shelter Medicine

Small Animal Rotating Interns

Kyle Bartholomew DVM’17

Adam Eby, DVM

Harathi Krishnan, DVM

Rebecca McBride, DVM

Andrea Minella, DVM

Natasha Pakravan, DVM

Joey Sapora, DVM


Alexandre Ellis, DVM
Shelter Medicine

Sarah HolmanDVM
Small Animal Surgery

Rikki Horne, RPh 

Casandra Jacobs, DVM
Small Animal Internal Medicine

Laura Lee DVM’17
Anatomic Pathology

Jane (JR) Lund MS’07, DVM’07
Diagnostic Imaging

Timothy Menghini, DVM
Small Animal Surgery

Cameron Ratliff, DVM
Zoological Medicine

Jessica Robertson, DVM
Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Nora Sheehan DVM’16

Casey Smith, DVM

Kevin Snyder DVM’16
Nathaniel Van Asselt, DVM
Radiation Oncology

Elizabeth Wood, DVM

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