Love Your Pet? See Your Vet!

Regular doctor checkups are important for your human health and wellbeing, just as regular veterinary visits are essential for your pet. Preventative checkups help ensure your pet is healthy and avoid issues becoming urgent and costly.

Veterinary appointments, tests and treatments can be expensive. But when advanced care is necessary to help your pet, work with your veterinarian to see what care plans fit your budget.

“See what options are best. There are almost always a range of options of varying expense and effectiveness, depending on the diagnosis,” says Ruthanne Chun, clinical professor of oncology in the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, on the Wisconsin Public Radio’s The Larry Meiller Show.

However, do not let cost discourage you from getting preventative care. Low-cost clinics can also be a source of help in these situations. WisCARES, a community veterinary clinic that is a partnership between the UW schools of veterinary medicine, pharmacy and social work, offers free or low-cost preventative and wellness care to animals whose owners are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. They offer veterinary care and can provide social service resources to pet owners as well.

“We try to raise awareness of what preventative care does for your pet and how it can help avoid a trip to the emergency clinic by keeping things from becoming urgent,” Chun says.

Britta Wellenstein

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