Teaching resources

Teaching Resources

This google drive folder below holds notes, papers, and other various useful information. It is not yet well organized.

Collaboration tools



The characteristics of white supremacy culture

Dismantling racism workbook website

UW Madison – Who Matters? Who Belongs? Campus Resources (2021)


VetSet2Go: build your veterinary employability

Training and online tools

NIH Office of Training and Education

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity: NCSU students have access to a free account!


Best BETS for Vets – Supporting veterinary clinicians in making evidence-based decisions


Center for Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine (CEBVM) at University of Nottingham

FOAM (free open access medical education) for vets: vetFOAM

Education research and theory

The Scholarly Teacher blog

Academia and the academic path

The Professor is In blog

xkcd and PHDcomics, of course.

Other resources can be found on my Resources page.