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September 18th

The Altmetric score for Kent’s myofibril imaging paper reached the top 1% for pre-publications of similar age in bioRxiv. Way to go Kent!!!

March 30th, 2023

Congrats to Nate on getting the primary paper from his dissertation published in iScience.

February 27th, 2023

January 6th, 2023

Are you interested in hearing about some of our unpublished work? If so, check out 1:05:00 – 1:37:00 in the following youtube video.

September 27th, 2022



September 20th, 2022

Congratulations to Wen for winning second place in Cells best paper of the year contest. With part of his cash prize, he bought everyone some pizza to say thanks for their help.


Sept 8th, 2022

We are looking to hire a new post doc and the search has been getting some great support from our colleagues at #myotwitter.

Sept 24th, 2021

The video abstract that describes Wen’s mouse model of progressive resistance exercise gets over 7000 views within the first 3 days of its release. The manuscript also set a lab record for the fastest time from submission to publication timeline (accepted for publication 8 days after submission). Everyone in the lab was an author on the paper. Congrats to all!!!

March 5th, 2021

After 6 years worth of work we have finally published our characterization of the contraction-induced signaling events that are regulated upstream/parallel vs. downstream of mTOR. Congratulations to all of the authors on this body of research and a special shout out to Nate Steinert for his subsequent discovery of TRIM28 as a novel regulator of skeletal muscle size and function. The TRIM28 story has only just begun!!!! Graphical Abstract



Oct 5th, 2020

Wenyuan Zhu’s proposal to deeply phenotype mice that have been subjected to his novel weight pulling model has been funded. Super excited to share the details of this mouse resistance exercise model with the greater community. I strongly believe that this will be viewed as the first mouse model that accurately mimics human resistance exercise and it induces the growth of numerous muscles throughout the body. Stay Tuned!!!!!


July 24th, 2020

Kent Jorgenson’s review paper was viewed over 4300 times, downloaded nearly 1200 times and obtained an Altmetric Score of 99 within the first 2 weeks of publication. Way to go Kent!!!


December 11th, 2019

September 17th, 2019

Jun 30th, 2019
We just received a great score on a revised R01 application. The current funding situation for the lab is looking fantastic, and we will likely be looking to add 2-3 new members during the next year or so. Contact Troy is your interested (

April 11th, 2019
Parker won $500 for his poster and then used some of it to buy pizza for our lab meeting. Glass nickel pizza rules 🙂

December 8th, 2018
Our new paper “The role of raptor in the mechanical load-induced regulation of mTOR signaling, protein synthesis, and skeletal muscle hypertrophy”, gets a lot of attention on Twitter

July 27th, 2018
Dr. Hornberger does a podcast with the Huffines Institute
Listen Here

May 15th, 2018
Jae-Sung You has finally published the major findings from a project that involved nearly 6 years of work. Congratulations Jae-Sung
Click here to see the paper