The Hornberger Lab


Recent Highlights:

1. Zhu WG, Hibbert JE, Lin KH, Steinert ND, Lemens JL, Jorgenson KW, Newman SM, Lamming DW, Hornberger TA. Weight Pulling: A Novel Mouse Model of Human Progressive Resistance Exercise. Cells. 2021; 10(9):2459.

2. Steinert ND, Potts GK, Wilson GM, Klamen AM, Lin KH, Hermanson JB, McNally RM, Coon JJ, Hornberger TA. Mapping of the Contraction-Induced Phosphoproteome Identifies TRIM28 as a Significant Regulator of Skeletal Muscle Size and Function. Cell Reports. 2021 Mar 2;34(9): 108796. * Recommended by the Faculty of 1000.

3.  Jorgenson KW, Phillips SM, and Hornberger TA. Identifying the Structural Adaptations that Drive the Mechanical Load-Induced Growth of Skeletal Muscle: A Scoping Review. Cells. 2020 Jul 9;9(7):E1658. * Obtained an Altmetric attention score of 125 (4th highest ever for the journal) within 1 month of publication.

4. Ogasawara R, Jensen TE, Goodman CA, Hornberger TA. Resistance Exercise-Induced Hypertrophy: A Potential Role for Rapamycin-Insensitive mTOR. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2019  Jul;47(3):188-194. * Highlighted by the Editor-in-Chief and selected as the ‘Journal Club’ article for the quarterly issue.

5. You, JS, McNally RM, Jacobs BL*, Privett RE, Gundermann DM, Lin KH, Steinert ND, Goodman CA, and Hornberger TA. The role of raptor in the mechanical load-induced regulation of mTOR signaling, protein synthesis, and skeletal muscle hypertrophy. FASEB J. 2019 Mar;33(3):4021-4034. * Obtained an Altmetric attention score of 102 (top 2%) within 7 days of publication. equal contribution.


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