Crawford Lab


Treatment of chronic pain can be challenging, as existing therapies may cause unwanted side effects, lead to addiction, or prove inadequate for many pain patients. This unmet therapeutic need would benefit from improved diagnostics and the development of new therapies, both of which require more detailed knowledge of the mechanisms underlying pain. The Crawford lab examines how your sense of touch and your sense of pain are interrelated, and how those senses dysfunction in the face of various diseases. Our mouse studies provide crucial insight into molecular mechanisms while new projects aim to use those findings to improve the diagnosis of pain and neuropathies in veterinary patients.

We use an interdisciplinary approach with technical expertise in neurophysiology, behavioral neuroscience, and veterinary pathology. We also engage in collaborative translational research projects in the fields of pain, peripheral neuropathy, and urologic disease. Contact Dr. Crawford for more information on collaborative research opportunities.

Supporting the concept of “One Health”, our research brings cutting-edge neuroscience to the forefront of veterinary medicine to benefit patients of every species. If you would like to make a donation to support our research efforts please contact Heidi Kramer at or 608-327-9136.