Comparative Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Histology Services

  Our musculoskeletal histotechnology laboratory provides technical research support for faculty, residents, student programs, and collaborators across the veterinary, histological, and engineering communities. We specialize in decalcified and undecalcified histology of the musculoskeletal system. We have years of experience developing large and small animal protocol preparation and sample retrieval processes to ensure optimal results and success for future studies.


Tissue specialty areas include:
• Musculoskeletal biomechanics
• Dental, craniofacial, and orthopaedic implants
• Tissue scaffold & biomaterial engineering
• Cruciate and joint capsule evaluation
• Medical product development
• Biomedical research assistance

Laboratory capabilities include:
• Full range of non-traditional sample preparation and processing equipment
• Paraffin processing, embedding, microtomy, and staining
• Plastic resin processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining (PMMA)
• Oversized sample processing and microtomy (1” x 3” or larger)
• High resolution microradiography imaging (Faxitron)
• Precision sawing and EXAKT micro-grinding
• Cryotomy of frozen tissues
• Histological staining – routine and special stains
• Immunohistochemistry–biochemistry laboratory
•‘En-bloc’ staining for bone microdamage
• Digital macro- and microscopic imaging
• Fluorescence and confocal microscopy
• And more…

Data analyses include:
• Histology interpretation via board-certified veterinary pathologists and collaborative scientists
• Research study scoring by senior scientists – descriptive and semi-quantitative
• Histological interpretation performed by client or primary investigators

Please contact Vicki Kalscheur, HT (ASCP), MLT ( for more information.