Gillian Shaw

Credentials: DVM, PhD, DACVP

Position title: Staff Pathologist


Phone: 608-263-4958

Dr. Shaw was hatched in northeastern Ohio, and graduated from Michigan State University in 2007 with a DVM and MS. For her master’s degree, she worked with Simon Petersen-Jones. From 2007 to 2014, she pursued comparative anatomic pathology residency training and a PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. For her PhD, she worked with Donald Zack at Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute.

In 2014, she came to COPLOW where she completed the Ocular Pathology Fellowship. She passed the veterinary anatomic pathology exam in 2015 and has since worked as a pathologist alongside Drs Teixeira and Dubielzig in COPLOW. Her main responsibilities are interpreting cases and writing reports in COPLOW. Other responsibilities include training UW’s anatomic pathology residents. On-going research projects include pleomorphic iridociliary adenocarcinomas in dog eyes, ductular squamous metaplasia of canine third eyelid glands, anterior chamber collapse syndrome/early life eye disease, juvenile melanocytic tumors of dogs, the ocular manifestations of hyperviscosity syndrome and intraocular lenticular metaplasia.


Photo by Riley Aronson