CAVIDS Titer Testing

COVID 19 Update

8 January 2021 – Update

(Non-COVID related:  please see the “Details” tab for new fee structure for 2021)

CAVIDS Lab is open and continues to take steps to increase our biosecurity during the pandemic.  We strongly recommend that you take similar steps to protect yourselves and families.

Current top priority are requests for puppy follow-up testing (when dam’s nomograph has been done) and all dogs one year of age or less.

If your adult dog has had a protective titer against distemper and parvovirus within the past 2 years, it is not essential to have another titer drawn at this time (as based on our data pending publication.)

If a nomograph has been done for your breeding dam within the past year, please use the previous report rather than taking her in for a new blood draw at this time.

With current uncertainty, it is prudent to include a cold pack wrapped in newspaper inside a zip lock plastic bag with your shipment, and use tracking.  Please remember that the date your package reaches the university may not be the same date it reaches the laboratory. Turn-around time may be up to 14 days, but we will do our best to keep to the usual 7 days.  Issues surrounding COVID continue to contribute to some short staffing and delays.

Please be in close communication with your veterinarian when scheduling blood draws, and of course do not go to your veterinary clinic if you are sick.  Our veterinarians and veterinary nurses are essential to keep our dogs and cats healthy – let’s do our best to keep them healthy too!

Please email your questions to:  Laurie (dot) Larson @ wisc (dot) edu rather than phone the laboratory.