Celebrate your pet's superpower and help advance animal health

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Pet Week

At the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, we’re committed to providing compassionate, life-saving care to patients every day because animals need heroes too.

Our pets are our constant companions. They support us in our times of need and provide comfort through their company. They cheer us on and motivate us to keep moving, to play, or to get outside. For Pet Week, help us recognize the animals who are heroes to us and the countless ways they make a difference. Consider thanking the pets in your life with a gift.

Your gift ensures that your pet and other animals receive the very best veterinary medical care in their time of need. Gifts support diagnostic equipment upgrades and clinical studies that save lives, prevent injuries and extend time with loved ones. Gifts allow us to provide advanced training to future veterinarians who will ensure that companion animals, wildlife and livestock in Wisconsin and beyond continue to receive expert care.

Share your pet's superpower

After making a gift,  tell us why your pet is your hero — whether it’s a special talent, training, or part of their daily routine. Take a photo of your pet with our Pet Week sign. Tag us (@uwvetmed) or use the hashtag #AnimalsAreHeroesToo on social media, or upload a photo directly to our gallery below.

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