Celebration of Excellence 2019 Award Recipients

Galen Heyne DVMx’19, recipient of the 2019 Peter Bunn Memorial Award, poses with the award’s presenter, Dean Emeritus Bernard Easterday MS’58, PhD’61.

On Saturday, April 27, students, faculty, staff, and friends gathered in Varsity Hall at Union South to celebrate the end of the academic year and to recognize the efforts of the exceptional people who work and learn at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. The annual event is made possible through the generosity of numerous donors.

Here are this year’s award winners:

Faculty and Staff Awards

  • Professor Peter MacWilliams Pathology Resident Award – Monica Daniela Ronderos Herrera
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Small Animal Technician Award – Kim Sherman
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Technologist of the Year Award – Patricia O’Brien
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Small Animal Internship Award – Kaitlyn McNamara
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Oncology Resident Award – Elizabeth Wood
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Neurology Resident Award – Blake Webb
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Small Animal Surgery Resident Award – Georgia Bosscher
  • Small Animal Resident of the Year Award – Georgia Bosscher
  • Large Animal Resident of the Year Award – Kelly Shaw
  • Distinguished Veterinary Technician Award – Katherine Harmelink
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Instructor of the Year Award – McLean Gunderson
  • Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence – Linda Schuler
  • Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award – Karen Young

Specialty Awards

  • Dr. R.D. Schultz Pathobiological Sciences Award – Tiffani Turinski
  • American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Certificate of Clinical Excellence Awards – Jessica Gaska, Amit Sidhu, and Jenna Motz
  • Gengler Veterinary Dental Award – Jaclyn Barette
  • Equine Dentisty Award – Abigail Ball
  • Dueland Orthopedic Award – Hannah Terhaar
  • American College of Veterinary Radiology Award – Kaitlyn Jones, Carl Magnusson, and Amit Sidhu
  • American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology Award – Scarlett Korol
  • Kaytee Avian and Special Species Excellence Award – Alexandra Harvey
  • Applied Animal Behavior Award – Jenna Epstein
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Oncology Award – Rachel McMahon
  • Veterinary Cancer Society Bob Rosenthal Senior Student Award – Karanbir Randawa
  • American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists – Jacob Nilles
  • VECCS Award for Proficiency in Emergency & Critical Care – Amanpreet Grewal
  • Simmons Educational Fund Business Aptitude Award – Michael Dupor
  • Eberhard Rosin General Surgery Award – Alexandra Harvey
  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathology – Alexandra Harvey
  • Comparative Biosciences Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Student Research Award – Andrea Kerr
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Student Research Award – Alyssa Jenkins
  • Richard F. Marsh Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award – Anna Luiza Facchetti V. Assumpcao
  • Zoetis Award for Research Excellence by a Graduate Student – Kuan Hung (Parker) Lin
  • Zoetis Award for Research Excellence by a House Officer – Kevin Snyder
  • Zoetis Award for Research Excellence by a Veterinary Student – Dustin Fink and Jacob Nilles

Large and Small Animal Awards

  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Inspiration Award – Karanbir Randawa
  • American Animal Hospital Association Award for Proficiency in Primary Care – Kate Barnewitz
  • American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation Student Surgical Proficiency Award – Sarah Rossmiller (small animal) and Emily Lockard (large animal)
  • GenOvations Proficiency in Bovine Theriogenology Award – Rachel O’Leary
  • ABS Global, Inc. Award – Cole Anderson
  • American Association of Feline Practioners Award – Jaclyn Jacobson
  • Equine Podiatry Award – Luke De Freitas
  • Excellence in Equine Ambulatory Medicine Award – Marie Kettler
  • Equitarian Award – Deanna Scheller
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Excellence in Clinical Nutrition Award – Katie Dubiak
  • Nestle Purina PetCare Nutrition Award – Candace Lien
  • The Padre’ Operation Wild Horse Sports Medicine Award – Nikki Wuestenhagen
  • Irongate Equine Award – Galen Heyne
  • Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response Award – Claire Afflerbach
  • John G. Evans Memorial Award – Taylor Opgenorth
  • Rock Valley Veterinary Medical Association Award – Emily Gavic

Humanities Awards

  • Olson and Severson Student Enrichment Samaritan Award – Rachel McMahon and Diamond Taylor
  • Memorial Pet Services Award – Megan Gallager
  • Hannah Cole Remember and Honor the Bond Award – Joanna Finstad
  • Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association  William J. O’Rourke Memorial Award – Morgan Randall
  • The Cougar and Beethoven Compassion Award – Nathaniel Greene
  • Peter Bunn Award – Galen Heyne
  • Carolee Cutting Schueller Memorial Award – Stefanie Newhouse
  • Cathie Rauwald and Timothy Regan Memorial Award – Kate Barnewitz and Alexandra Harvey
  • Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award – Stefanie Newhouse
  • Josephine Walsh Compassion in Animal Care Award – Amanpreet Grewal

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