Student American Veterinary Medical Association


We are a non-profit student organization within the School of Veterinary Medicine that represents our school at a national level and strives to provide educational and professional opportunities for our members.

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Chapter Governance

SAVMA Chapter at UW-Madison Constitution & Bylaws

Risk Management & Bylaws Comprehension Assessment Quiz

President’s Cabinet Meeting Minutes

Robert’s Rules Of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order Cheatsheet

The Chapter Executive Officers & Officer-Elects

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Position Officers Class Officer-Elect Class
President Emma Sweet 2022 Blake Root 2023
Vice President Colette Manley 2022 Haley Lin 2023
Recording Secretary Travis Neils 2022 Erin Massey 2023
Corresponding Secretary Sarah Cox 2022 Caroline Titel 2023
Treasurer Danielle Timm 2022 Tessa Arendt 2023
Fundraising Director Bailey Pietsch 2022 Ethan Scharmer 2023
Social Activities Director Sarah Stock 2022 Joe Thurston 2023
SAVMA Delegate Alisha Corringham 2022 Zach Tooley 2023
VMSS Manager Luci Krenzke 2022 Brittney Moore 2023
PFS Manager Dawn Heraly 2022 Rachel Neuses 2023

Chapter Advisors

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Heidi Clark Keith Poulsen
Calico Schmidt Lindsey Snyder

Membership Information & Funding Applications


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Class of 2023

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Chapter Membership Record, contact the Recording Secretary, Stephanie Heim, and the Recording Secretary-Elect, Travis Neils, at!


General Check Request & Post-Event Description Form 

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Morrie Waud Class Funds Post-Event Form


SAVMA-Recognized Clubs & Industry Student Representatives

Industry Student Representatives Information

The Industry Student Representatives (ISRs) is a another great opportunity for current veterinary students to become more involved within and informed of the veterinary industry-career path as well as develop those core leadership skills essential to their future as a Practicing Veterinarian!

List of Current ISRs | ISR Guidelines

For more information regarding Industry Student Representatives, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at!

SAVMA-Recognized Clubs’ Information

SAVMA-Recognized Clubs (SRCs) within the SVM operate within the School of Veterinary Medicine under the umbrella of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association Chapter at UW-Madison. SRCs offer a wide variety of social, service and learning opportunities that provide value as supplements to the core DVM educational program. If you’d like more information on the activities, meetings, and SRC related documents, navigate to the SRC Website using the link below!

CLOO HandbookSRC Presidents | SRC Descriptions | Club Events Website

For more information regarding SRC’s, contact the SAVMA Chapter at UW-Madison’s Corresponding Secretary, Kyra Littel, and the Corresponding Secretary-Elect, Sarah Cox, at!



VMSS Information

The Veterinary Medical School Supply (VMSS) is virtually the only place where you can purchase official University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine merchandise and medical supplies! All funds made at VMSS are then allocated towards financially supporting student-centered activities and initiatives that are conducted by the SAVMA Chapter at UW-Madison!

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(Beginning September 10, 2019)

Monday – Friday from 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Room 2258 (Second Floor of the SVM)

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the VMSS Manager, Clara Cole, and the VMSS Assistant Manager, Luci Krenzke, at!

PFS Information

The Pet Food Store (PFS) is the place that currently manages the School of Veterinary Medicine’s Pet Food Feeding Program! The Pet Food Feeding Program is the premier program that provides a significant discount on pet food to veterinary students at the School of Veterinary Medicine and ensures that our veterinary students are exposed to food products currently being marketed. Profits made from pet foods being purchased through the use of the pet food feeding program are then utilized by the SAVMA Chapter at UW-Madison to enhance student education and support student activities!


(Beginning September 10, 2019)

Wednesday – Friday from 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Room 1350 (First Floor of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital)

If you’d like to sign-up to participate*, or have questions about the program or the pet food diets, contact the PFS Manager, Haley Reinke, and the PFS Assistant Manager, Dawn Heraly, at!

*NOTE: Only current veterinary students, faculty, and staff at the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine can participate in the Pet Food Feeding Program!

Current Pet Food Company Participants:

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Royal Canin

Oxbow Animal Health*

Nestle Purina

*NOTE: Orders from Oxbow Animal Health must be placed in the store!