The SVM Admissions Committee is composed of faculty who review applications and select applicants for admission to the DVM program. The committee reserves the right to evaluate and modify the selection criteria and admission procedures each year. Based on the belief that there are many ways to prepare for a career in veterinary medicine, the Admissions Committee values a wide range of abilities and experiences, seeking the best possible candidates to serve society as veterinary medical professionals.

Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of the academic record and the nonacademic portions of the application. Academics accounts for 60% of the application evaluation criteria. The following academic factors are considered in the evaluation process:

  • Cumulative grade-point average up to the first undergraduate degree
  • Grade-point average in required courses
  • Grade-point average for the 30 most recent semester credits

In addition to academic evaluation, each applicant is evaluated on preparatory experience and personal characteristics. The evaluation of non-academic factors is based upon qualitative and quantitative analysis of the applicant’s strengths and experiences. The highest evaluation is given to those applicants whose overall experience indicates the greatest degree of preparedness and suitability for the professional program.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to obtain experience with the veterinary medical profession and in the care and handling of a variety of species of animals, including food animals. Applicants will be asked to describe these experiences in the application.

Non-Academic factors account for 40% of the application evaluation criteria. Other non-academic factors considered include:

  • Animal experiences (without a veterinarian)
  • Veterinary medical experiences (with a veterinarian)
  • Three letters of reference and evaluation (At least one letter MUST come from a veterinarian; letters from employers, faculty, and academic staff are also beneficial.)
  • Written statements describing applicant’s professional goals and interests
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership potential
  • Maturity
  • Goal orientation
  • Outside activities
  • Work experiences
  • Awards and honors
  • Diversity of background, interests and experiences
  • Special circumstances that may have affected the applicant’s record

All questions regarding admission requirements, application procedures, and selection criteria should be addressed to the SVM Office of Academic Affairs. Applicants may not directly contact members of the Admissions Committee regarding the admission process.