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    The transplant candidate is admitted to the hospital two to three days (or more if needed) before surgery for presurgical preparation. Prior to transplantation, the recipient is given fluids and placed on a low protein kidney diet. Anemia is corrected just prior to surgery with transfusions and erythropoietin therapy. A stomach tube may be surgically placed in some cats to feed the anorexic patient. However, it must be understood that attempts to "build-up" the debilitated patient in chronic renal failure will have limited success at best. Do not delay seeking surgery while trying to build up the patient. Patients should preferably be referred for transplantation before generalized physical debilitation is present.

    Cyclosporine A and prednisolone immunosuppressive therapy will be started 24 to 48 hours prior to surgery. These drugs are administered twice a day, with eventual adjustments in the dosages, for the remainder of the patients life (see section on immunosuppressive therapy).

    The day before surgery the recipient will have appropriate catheters placed that will be used after surgery for administration of fluids and for taking blood samples. In addition, most patients receive a blood transfusion at this time. The following day the patient will have surgery. This is most often done at our hospital on a Tuesday or a Thursday due to scheduling needs of our operating theatres and equipment. For a description of the surgical procedure see the section on SURGERY AND POSTOPERATIVE CARE.

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