Dog’s Weirdest Snack: Grass

Dogs can eat some weird things, but one especially puzzling snack of choice is grass. Why dogs choose to gnaw on grass isn’t exactly known.

“Sometimes when animals are nauseous, they are more likely to eat grass, but not always,” Maria Verbrugge, a clinical instructor of primary care at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, said on a recent episode of Wisconsin Public Radio’s The Larry Meiller Show. “Dogs are scavengers so it’s not uncommon for them to try things.”

So, if your dog commonly eats grass, it is not an immediate cause for alarm.

However, if eating grass is a new behavior for your dog, it may mean something else is wrong.

“If it’s a new behavior, it may indicate a change in your dog’s health,” Verbrugge says. Consider if there have been other changes in your pet’s behavior or daily habits, specifically other dietary changes and if so, consult your veterinarian.

Britta Wellenstein

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