Comparative Ophthalmic Research Laboratories


CORL is a collaborative team of internationally recognized vision scientists founded on providing world-class vision research support for industry. The CORL team brings together the scientific resources of veterinary and physician ophthalmologists and pathologists as well as basic scientists encompassing molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, chemical engineering, material science, physiological optics, electrophysiology, ocular toxicology, and clinical ophthalmology. CORL provides a unique top to bottom service with a goal of helping industry find research solutions in vision science. Funds generated by CORL consultation and collaborative research efforts are used to enhance faculty and program development for the participating scientists. Assisting with study design, clinical evaluations, pathological support, ocular surgery, as well as electroretinography, in vitro, and in vivo studies are some ways that CORL can help. We can develop clinical trials for both human and veterinary markets. Our scientists have experience in ocular drug delivery systems, prosthetic devices, neuroprotective mechanisms, intracellular signaling pathways, and ocular circulation.

CORL is located in Madison, Wisconsin.


Richard R. Dubielzig 

Program Administrator

Gary L. Leatherberry 
Cell: (608) 206-3614

Richard Kerl
Cell: (608) 206-9441

Kim McIntyre


2828 Marshall Court, Suite 200
Madison, WI, 53705

University of Wisconsin-Madison


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