COVID-19 Update: A Message to Students from Dean Markel

I know this sounds strange to say, but welcome back from spring break. This will be the most unusual remainder of a semester that any of us have ever seen.

I want to lead off by saying the school is completely committed to making sure each and every one of you, regardless of year, make it successfully through this semester. If or as you encounter any difficulties with your instruction, please reach out to your course coordinators or the Office of Academic Affairs so that we can help you. Additional resources for SVM students are also available on our website.

The cancellation of the school’s celebratory events this spring is heart-wrenching, but we are working on creative alternatives to continue some of our annual traditions and student recognition opportunities. We are also planning for our Class of 2021’s entrance into our “virtual clinic” until we are able to safely bring you back on campus, hopefully by late spring or summer.

The next few weeks will be telling with where the next few months will take us. Please be safe and know your entire SVM family cares about you, is here for you, and will do everything it can to help you through this very challenging time.

Thank you, and be well.



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