Amanita phalloides mushrooms CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

‘Death Cap’ Mushrooms Pose Threat to Dogs

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While enjoying the warm weather of summer, pet parents should take precautions to protect their dogs from dangerous variations of mushrooms along paths, trails and yards. “Death cap” mushrooms, in particular – a member of …

UW Veterinary Care Offers Rabbit Vaccine Against Fatal Disease

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Researchers say a fatal rabbit hemorrhagic disease, RHDV2, is spreading across the U.S.

In response to the outbreak, the UW Veterinary Care Special Species Health Service at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine is offering an emergency-authorized vaccine against the disease for rabbits.

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Large Animal Hospital Welcomes Four New Surgeons

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The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine welcomes four new surgeons to the Morrie Waud Large Animal Hospital. Joseph Davis, Jordan Kirkpatrick, Kayla Le and Paul Merkatoris expand a dedicated, expert team of veterinarians …