13-Year-Old Holstein Wins Star of the Breed

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Subliminal dislocated her right hip, so the Culls sent her to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary Care where surgery was performed to put her hip back in place. She stayed at the vet hospital for three months in a sling. When she returned home, she was housed in a sand pen built just for her, which is where she spent another nine months in hobbles. It took Subliminal a year to heal completely, but she made a miraculous recovery.
Veterinarian Christoph Mans and cockatoo Bogey

New Surgical Procedure Saves Parrot

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Bogey, a 24-year-old umbrella cockatoo, underwent multiple procedures over a span of 16 years for a recurrent, serious condition, but nothing worked. Kim Hannah, the founder and executive director of Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, …

Dog with deformed front legs smiles happily

Patient Profile: A Rare Jem

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When Jason Bleedorn first met Jem, he saw that the pup’s front legs “curved inward like a banana.” A young rescue dog from Indiana, Jem had a bone deformity in both front legs, likely stemming …

cat crawls under low bars on therapy mat as excited staff look on.

Patient Profile: Willow Bounces Back

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How do you lure a reluctant cat through a rehab exercise program? With feather toys, cooing, and lots and lots of treats. For Willow, a three-year-old domestic shorthair who fractured both elbows last summer, physical …