UW Labs Collaborate to Process Thousands of COVID-19 Tests, Deal With Supply Shortages

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Director of the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Keith Poulsen spoke about the importance of taking a “One Health” perspective in collaborating human and animal health to combat obstacles in COVID-19 testing.  WVDL and WSHL are beginning to work on collaborative research to better understand the future and present impacts of COVID-19 on the population.

Student’s Pug First U.S. Dog to Test Positive for COVID-19

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Director of the Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Sandra Newbury, who has been conducting research on how COVID-19 impacts animals, stressed that the news is no reason to panic. “We really don’t want people to freak out in general,” Newbury said. “In fact, it looks like dogs are not very good hosts for the virus … Most dogs that have tested positive have been asymptomatic.”

Security in Dairy Supply Chain Crucial for Survival

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Dr. Darlene Konkle of DATCP said a proactive approach will give farmers and processors a leg up when it comes to disease prevention and handling outbreaks. “Our first tool when we discover a disease is to stop movement,” Konkle said. “I know that’s painful for the industry, but in order to get a handle on the situation, we need to get a handle on what we’re dealing with.”

How to Go to Vet School and Become a Veterinarian

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Vets need to be adept at interacting with both humans and animals, says Dr. Becky Krull, a Wisconsin-based veterinarian and co-owner of a veterinary practice. "I think loving animals is a given but what is often overlooked is that you must be a people person," Krull wrote in an email. "There is a person affiliated with every patient I have and that person is paying the bill! You need to be able to communicate effectively to educate and provide value to your services."

More Than 100 Cases Of Chronic Wasting Disease Reported At State Deer Farms Since 2018

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There have been more than 400 cases of chronic wasting disease at Wisconsin deer farms and hunting ranches since it was first detected in the state almost two decades ago. But more than a quarter of those were reported in just over the last year, according to newly released state data. DATCP State Veterinarian Darlene Konkle said the agency is concerned and keeping track of CWD positives on captive deer operations.

Frisbie Takes Reins as 2020 AAEP President

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David D. Frisbie, esteemed orthopaedic surgeon, researcher and professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, was installed as president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners at the organization’s 65th Annual Convention, now underway in Denver, Colo. A 1992 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, in Madison,  Frisbie completed a surgical internship at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York, followed by a surgical residency and master’s degree in joint pathobiology at CSU, where he joined the faculty as an assistant professor of equine surgery in 1999.

Veterinarians See Spike in In-Home Euthanasia Services Around the Holidays

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It is a tough time for pet owners when they have to say goodbye to their furry friends. The Green Bay and Allouez Animal Hospital hopes to make what can be a heartbreaking experience a beautiful one by offering in-home pet euthanasia services. "I remember the day I came to the house to help Camp and his family, and I get chills talking about it," said Dr. Becky Krull.
Photo: cat Cocoa Puff

‘A Culture of Compassion’

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When Geri Naymick learned that a memorial gift had been made to the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) in memory of her cat Cocoa Puff by the team at Oregon Veterinary Clinic, she was beyond …