The Wild World of Mink and Coronavirus

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“It’s a top priority in human and veterinary diagnostic labs,” Keith Poulsen, director of the Wisconsin veterinary lab, said. One of about a dozen such labs nationwide, the WVDL has been running COVID tests on farmed mink and people, in addition to its usual tests on cows, chickens, and other animals, and is now operating from 5 A.M. to 2 A.M.

The Mink Pandemic Is No Joke

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Since early this summer, Keith Poulsen, the director of the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, was worried about mink. Poulsen’s lab is part of a national network of veterinary labs that work on animal diseases, and they had “been watching COVID-19 very carefully,” Poulsen told me.

Coronavirus Kills 15,000 US Mink, as Denmark Prepares for Nationwide Cull

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In Wisconsin, about 5,000 mink have died on two farms, State Veterinarian Darlene Konkle said. One farm is composting the dead mink to dispose of the carcasses without spreading the virus, Konkle said. Authorities are working with the second farm to determine how to dispose of the mink, and dead animals are being kept in a metal container in the meantime, she said.