Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine engages in veterinary medical education, research, and clinical service of the highest caliber to improve the health and welfare of animals and people and strengthen Wisconsin’s economic vitality.

Our Vision

The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine creates the future of veterinary medicine through unparalleled excellence in education, clinical medicine, and research that benefit animal and human health. The school achieves this vision by expanding its entrepreneurial culture of pioneering leadership in strategic research areas and by incorporating the findings into education, clinical practice, and industry partnerships. Throughout all decision-making and day-to-day activities, the school values the importance of diversity in all of its manifestations. In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin’s world-class basic science and medical community, the school gives rise to the next generation of veterinary leadership.

Our Fundamental Principles

  • Prepare our graduates for a broad array of professional opportunities.
  • Perform pioneering basic and translational research that leads to discoveries with broad and significant benefits for animals and people.
  • Enhance collaborations to leverage the strengths of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
  • Foster a climate of diversity and inclusivity that is infused with high ethical standards, professionalism, and compassion.
  • Continually integrate education, research, clinical practice, and outreach.
  • Support an entrepreneurial culture that positions the school as the leader in veterinary medicine.
  • In the tradition of the Wisconsin Idea, maintain strong relationships that benefit the public, the veterinary profession, agriculture, industry, and government.

Strategic Priorities and Initiatives

  1. Retain, recruit, and develop high-caliber and diverse faculty.
  2. Strengthen programs in basic, translational, and clinical research.
  3. Design an innovative professional curriculum that evolves to prepare students for a breadth of careers and professional opportunities.
  4. Recruit a diverse and high-caliber population of students and support their success.
  5. Support UW Veterinary Care in achieving its strategic priorities and enhance its integration with the school.
  6. Foster a community that stimulates professional enthusiasm, collegiality, and continuous engagement within the school and throughout the University of Wisconsin System.
  7. Train the next generation of academic veterinarians to advance veterinary medicine through their outstanding clinical skills, teaching abilities, and research capabilities.

Dean’s Strategic Plan Updates