2022 New Residents and Interns Join UW Veterinary Care, School of Veterinary Medicine

Gray and white cat, with large eyes, is held by technician with blue gloves.

Each year, the UW School of Veterinary Medicine and UW Veterinary Care welcome a new group of interns and residents — graduate veterinarians who come here to learn from our exceptional specialists while providing top-notch clinical care and services. They are the best and brightest and bring tremendous value to the animals they treat.

Interns are veterinarians who are dedicating a year of their careers to additional training. Rotating interns work with multiple specialty services but spend most of their time in emergency and critical care, and specialty interns focus on one particular area or service. Residents are veterinarians who are training to become specialists, typically dedicating two to three years to a particular specialty area in veterinary medicine.

Here’s a look at this year’s new names and faces.

Small Animal Rotating Interns

Alex Aubrecht

Samantha Braman

Laura Donohue

Allison DuPont

Misha Harrison

Michael Jimmerson

Shefali Kaul

Sanskruti Potnis

Natalia Rivera Viscal


Kristen Andersson  Medical Oncology

 Sophia Chao                 Shelter Medicine

Martina Ernestova      Large Animal

Tricia Hu             Oncology
Ivana Levy
Zoological Comparative Medicine

James Mackey            Shelter Medicine
Callie Miller
Christen Montesanto
Brenda Righter
Large Animal


Chloe Apelgren
Emergency & Critical Care
Bella Bean
Vanessa Bruneau
Small Animal Internal Medicine
Han-Yun Cheng
Jordan Denitz
Radiation Oncology
Sydney Fultz
Kara Hiebert
Zoological Medicine
Sara Huebner
Small Animal Internal Medicine
Kelley Kilpatrick
Emergency & Critical Care
Lizabeth Lueck   Neurology Lisa Murphy
Vivi Pignone
Elizabeth Pollack Anesthesiology  Brigid Twomey
Shelter Medicine
Kekauilani Zukeran-Kerr

Not Pictured (Residents)

  • Teagan DeForge, Small Animal Surgery
  • Kelsey Dougherty, Anatomic Pathology
  • Thalita Taina Faria, Large Animal Internal Medicine
  • Katharine Hausmann, Zoological Companion Medicine
  • Jennifer Heyward, Ophthalmology
  • Kaylynn Johnson-Veitch, Radiology
  • Zuzanna Sikorska, Large Animal Internal Medicine
  • William Swanton, Anesthesia
  • Tsung-Han (Johnson) Tu, Dentistry

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